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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in North London

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is defined by focusing on the solution to a client’s problem, not the problem itself. This type of hypnotherapy encourages the client to contemplate the different factors of their current situation, identify where they are within their problem and focus on a solution.

Rather than reviewing the problem, we will help you reach your potential by targeting the positive outcomes, not dwelling on the negatives. With solution-focused hypnotherapy, this treatment understands that each person is unique. Using this method, any care and attention we provide you with will always be specific to your needs. We avoid delving into and reinforcing any negative patterns of behaviour and instead I help you build new, mentally-healthy, positive ones – allowing the old ones just to fade away.

We’ll help you identify where you are in relation to your difficulty by using a scaling method, so we can both work within a frame of reference to achieve the best result.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy will always be practiced in a secure environment, where the client is fully in control of how they can achieve their goals.

How Can Steve Dell Hypnotherapy Help You?

Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I will use my experience and professionalism to help, guide and support you to get from where you are, to where you want to be, in a relatively short period of time and then work to maintain those new-found mentally-healthy patterns. Removing the bad habits and negative patterns frees up so much spare capacity in the brain that the knock on effect will be a wonderful increase in optimism, energy and focus.

Working together, we will be able to reduce your levels of anxiety or panic; leave any depressed moods back in the cave where they belong; conquer any phobias or fears; remove a trauma (including PTSD) and make it feel like a safe, distant memory; improve your sleep patterns; regain control over your weight; stop smoking or just generally feel more confident, creative, motivated and happy.

We specialise in Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy. We use these modern and highly-researched practices to treat a variety of symptoms, conditions, habits, phobias, pains or disorders. Whatever might be ailing you, we can find you a permanent solution through hypnotherapy.