Modern, Optimistic & Positive

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern, optimistic and positive form of therapy. Using this method, I avoid delving into and reinforcing any negative patterns of behaviour and instead I help you build new, mentally-healthy, positive ones - allowing the old ones just to fade away.

Working together, we will be able to reduce your levels of anxiety or panic; leave any depressed moods back in the cave where they belong; conquer any phobias or fears; remove a trauma (including PTSD) and make it feel like a safe, distant memory; improve your sleep patterns; regain control over your weight; stop smoking or just generally feel more confident, creative, motivated and happy.

Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I will use my experience and professionalism to help, guide and support you to get from where you are, to where you want to be, in a relatively short period of time and then work to maintain those new-found mentally-healthy patterns. Removing the bad habits and negative patterns frees up so much spare capacity in the brain that the knock on effect will be a wonderful increase in optimism, energy and focus.